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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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justified when they shot and killed a man yesterday afternoon. good evening, everyone. police -- >> police chief, elliotizer, paul gaston of north fair mount refused orders to lie on the ground and went for a weapon on his waistband. the officer and the man killed and joins us live from the newsroom. jeff. >> less than 24 hours after the incident on harrison avenue, cincinnati officials released phone calls, dispatched traffic and cell phone video, all are part of ongoing investigation. >> on ron smith's cell phone video, you could hear the gunshots and shock >> oh, my gosh. >> my granddaughter was with me also. she's 10-year-old. she's basically traumatized by the whole incident.
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shot and killed, by police officers late yesterday afternoon on harrison >> and there's a man out there waving a gun and his kids. >> the suspect, gaston, jumped in his vehicle. there's a 911 call after that. >> exited the car, stumbled out. and dropped the gun. took off. >> and officers surrounded gaston, ordering him to get down and other motorists, cell phone camera, too >> initially starts to go to the ground, raises up. >> turns out gaston had an air soft gun, that shoots soft pellets. it looked real. the 911 pellets said a man with a gun. gaston had troubles with a man
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he originally said. he may have been drunk or on drugs. >> let them sort it out later. comply with them. if you have a weapon or anything, don't reach for it. even if you reach for it, surrender it. >> please. >> always sad to see a life lost. >> however, clear based on my review, the officers were justified in their actions. >> while the mayor says the shooting was justified, there's an investigation before the initial conclusion. they wonder the why the officers didn't use a taser. the office at the scene had reason to believe, gaston had a real gun. when someone reaches, you shoot. back to you. >> thanks very much.
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officers in the shooting. scott mc mannis. and all three are on paid administrative leave, which is normal procedure in cases like this. live at 6:00, why some police leaders think, this is a case suicide by cop. >> a man pointed a fake gun could have ended very differently. officers in mounthealthy disarmed and arrested christopher. they were investigating an assault. the officer said he didn't know the gun was fake and selfthreatened. and two people trying to break up a fight between a two pit bulls ended up in the hospital instead. they broke the hospital, from
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the dogs attacked them near harmony and salem road. chemical leak forces neighbors in the area to stay put. the problem started after 11:00 on pilot chemical on yankee road in middletown. they leaked in a compound, called sulfur try oxide. there's no reports of anybody affected. emergency workers set out a reverse 911 call to tell people to stay in their homes. included student and staff in amanda elementary. >> man aconstituted of murder faces charges. judge faced a million dollar bond for william smith. at the eatonville apartment in sedanville. the shooting wounded a second man mchlt the police arrested
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his case is still moving to the courts. >> she slammed into the car, face add judge. court dums shows, karen chen's blood alcohol level. investigators are looking into where she was before the 3:00 a.m. crash. the collision near dana avenue, killed jose arenas, driving home from work near cintas. >> 22-year-old has two young children who are now staying with her mother's. yesterday, we told you how hamilton county is utility
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and msd director, darryl checko, told local 12 news, the nu new rules will. >> at least the sun was out. that was nice. ericka is here with the no wake weather. >> we're going to see a more mild evening on tap. temperatures are typical this time of year, in february. we should be seeing the lower 40s. average high temperature is 46 degrees, 47 degrees. right now looking live at cut-in-hill, disabled vehicle earlier in the southbound lanes. that's not cleared up and traffic is moving smoothly for the first time this evening. dew points in the upper 20s. winds around 12 miles an hour right now. out of the southeasterly direction, starting to get the warmer air. you could see it right here, 43 from the international airport. same for middletown at 42. winds out of the southwest
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little bit of more warmth to the tri-state, 9 miles an hour, middletown 12, from the international airport. we're dry on radar, and we have high to mid level clouds, kind of mask the sunlight. after dinner, expect the temperatures to be in the lower 30s. we hang out around 40 degrees. we talk about the 60s opt way, as well as rain chances too.
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>> support for, to devie the >> when he visits cuba next month, president obama promises to press the government on human rights and other policy differences. the president confirms, he will be the first sitting u.s. president, to visit cuba in almost nine decades. he will meet with raul castro but not with castro's brother fadel fadel. it comes after united states opens relations with cuba almost 15 months ago.
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judge's order to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino killers. apple's lawyers are prepared to fight to the supreme court. >> apple is fighting, the customer base. and the u.s. magistrate judge ordered apple to disable the i iphone auto base order. and the tech giant doesn't have the technology and developing it would create a back door not only that iphone but millions of devices. the white house defended the department's of justice's request >> something that would have an impact on the one device.
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interest. >> apple is saying, even if you promise you use it once, it will be used again and again. >> sindipachi. >> we give law enforcement access based on orders. that's different than requiring companies to enable hacking of devices and data. >> it doesn't have the technology to do what the fbi wants. the top industry official tells cbs news, apple could theoretically write the software to comply with the ruling. jeff begase, cbs news, washington. >> in the two months since farook and his wife killed people in the san bernardino attack, fbi is pouring in their electronics and history >> donald trump goes up against
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he's not backing down. >> pope francis serves himself in the republican race today. he suggested donald trump is not christian because of the candidate's pledge to build a wall around the mexican border. it came as the papal airliner as he returned to rome. he said a person who thinks only
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they may be and not building bridges is not christian. trump release add statement a short time ago saying, for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. as president, i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and not weakened. and during the same mid air news conference, women threatened by the zika virus could use artificial contraception. >> his lawyers want the accuser to repay a confidential sex abuse settlement because she cooperated with police who reopened the case. cosby says, bars her from discussing the case with law enforcement. and future of the restaurant, in sight of machete attack is in question.
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about moving back to israel. the middle eastern restaurant is the target of a violent attack. 30-year-old is accused of slashing four diners. the owner says he has no doubt the attack was an act of terror and he no locker feels safe. >> i don't think feel like i could stay here. protected. i feel people feel my pain. to know someone will come to my restaurant and just tell me >> the owner says he's working to find someone to run the business if he leaves. all four people who are wounded are expected to recover. >> from local 12, erica collura, hour-by-hour forecast. >> you could feel it at noon, it started to warm-up. >> i heard the birds chirping. i saw the sunshine, felt nice,
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while we're pretty windy, it will be pretty warmer. the wind is going to hamper the good feelings tomorrow. saturday, it will be warmer than that. and debris should let go. we'll see a nice two day stretch of mild temperatures. we have rain in the forecast. we have some filtered sunshine. and that's going to be the case throughout the evening. we'll be able to see probably a nice sunset. it makes a good sunset with the high clouds around. this is a live look to downtown cincinnati, from the atrium weather camera. you could see where the warmer air is. it's down to the south and west through southern indiana, into western kentucky and southern illinois. that will continue to travel our way. we're in the lower 40s right now for cincinnati. we have winds out of the southeast right now. we're going to get in the 50s
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we're in the 40s right now. 43 for sharonville. and you guys are stuck in the 30s. we have 42 in hillsborough. and winds, as i mentioned, out of the southeast direction, around 12 miles an hour, a little breezier as you look north and west. we will be probably windier to the northwest of cincinnati through the day tomorrow. let me show you the wind trend. morning. during the afternoon, is when we'll see the windiest time frame. gusts 25-40 miles an hour. winds here around 19 miles an hour, at 10:00 a.m. 20-25 miles an hour through the afternoon, maybe up to 30-35 miles an hour at times. south of the southwest direction. the winds will really help fuel the milder air.
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we'll get a few readings. and saturday night radar, we have high level clouds. we stay dry for the evening. after dinner plans, no need to worry about the rain gear. we'll stay mild. dry on radar and we'll stay dry tonight. partly cloudy skies around 8:00. temperatures around 40. it won't be that bad of a night. we'll need the lighter jacket or sweatshirt. the winter gear will probably go away for a couple of days. temperatures pop out. we'll see steddier and slightly rising temperatures overnight. we will be windy. winds 20-30 miles an hour, possible throughout the afternoon. and even in the evening hours. we'll be well into the 50s by noon. we'll top out by 58 by 4:00. partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies.
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saturday evening, we'll fall in the 50s most of the night. if you have plans, it will feel like springtime than wintertime. we're looking at a likely chance of showers throughout the day. monday, it will be partly sunny. 48 degrees. 47 on tuesday and lower 40s return for wednesday and on thursday, we have a slight chance of maybe some mix bag precipitation early on wednesday. and that's still to be determined. make sure you enjoy the 50s and 60s because the 40s and 30s are still going to be around for winter. >> thanks very much. >> he's determined to get back on his feet and back to the job he loves. how the community is helping the officer after a brutal attack.
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investigation into the >> new at 5:00, a grateful community helps the local police officer recover from the beating at the hands of a suspect. >> ripley police officer john amel is still off work after the attack last month. he was trying to arrest kyle curtis moore locked up on six felony charges. injured officer returns to the scene for the first time with rich jaffe. today, marks the first time, john amel goes back to the place
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>> right here, when everything happened. >> the night of january 13th, officer amel was talking with kile moore, with problems with moore's girlfriend when things spiralled into darkness. officer told moore he was wanted. >> warrant for your arrest. i'm not going to jail. that's the last thing. i remember the first punch. after the punch, it was lights out and i was down. >> moments before he was attacked by kyle moore, john amel had managed to get the width of his trunk between the two of them. yet in a blink of an eye, moore was on him. >> right hand to the left hand hand side. >> john three, he split my jaw directly in the middle of my jaw. >> moore fled with officer amel's gun and loose in the
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the night of the attack, he responded with a ripley squad. she remembers the boot marks. >> enormous amount of blood, on the car and grounded, him sitting there and looks up at me and says, call my wife. >> donations were called, for bingaman and others, organize to help his family cope with the injuries. >> he's the first responder and the story is, no one says, whether you have a police badge or fire badge. you're all one group. family. >> all over the village. love the job that i do. there's no other job in the world. >> no word yet, when he'll be able to return to it. in ripley, local 12 news. >> john amel tells us, he's unable to eat solid food. what he's waiting for, being able to eat dinner.
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starting at 6:00. american legion hall. $10 donation gets you dinner and five raffle tickets. >> and that sounds good. >> ahead on local 12, live at 5:30. reunion a long time coming. >> back in the arms of her family after recovering, months of torture and abuse. grab a tissue and get ready for the heart warming story. >> you have to do your homework before you hire someone to replace your roof. the tips from howell aim, coming up. remarkable story about learning some new things.
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the story a >> it was an emotional reunion as a woman held captive and held for abuse. frita is a happy woman. this is what she looked like after nine months of abuse from a couple that held her captive. >> we told you when her captives went to prison. her family lost contact with her. and this one is an emotional reunion. >> tears flowed and there were hugs all around as frita underwood reunited with her
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>> this was indeed a happy ending for frita underwood. she's emerging from a living nightmare. police rescued her from tim ellas and colleen han. for nearly nine months, she was held against her will. beatened, abused and robbed of her social security benefits. she went from 160 pounds to 92. today, that's all in the past as she reconnected with her brother's children and their children. >> no. i could never forget my family. >> we're wondering where she's been. she's called time, you know, to -- phone calls quit. >> i lost contact. had no clue where she was at. i often wondered what the game
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>> since the rescue, by union township police, officers and dispatchers adopted frita as family. they bought her clothes, makeup and gift cards. >> world that we have today, it's very refreshing to see something like this happen. just a few months ago, frita was in a position, where she wasn't eating. she wasn't being fed. she was abused daily. to know, she has family, someone to call and talk to, spend holidays with, it's really good. >> you don't always get an outcome. it's not to always see a good outcome. >> the only person missing was sonny, and father of the nieces and nephews. she couldn't stop being loo -- ston looking at pictures. >> sonny, i love you. i miss you. one of the days, we will get to see each other.
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>> you can't have a family picture. >> it's great to be, to be with my family. >> frita's nieces and nephews, promise to take her to see her brother for a real family reunion when the weather improves. personally. this one was hard not to. in the 20 years of law enforcement, what happened today was really, really hard to top. >> isn't it nice? >> were able to bring them both. >> tim ellis and collin haines, couple that -- pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault and theft. ellis was sentenced to 28 years. >> and new ceo admits, the company is losing ground to all categories. they debuted in a consumer conference in florida. told analysts, the company's
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unacceptable. tailor says the company will boost the advertising to drive the consumers to its brand. and despite losing in new hampshire, in the primary there, hillary clinton has more delegates than senator bernie sanders. 87 of the democratic, 712 superdelegates have committed. and superdelegate, is a party insider who could support the candidate of their choice regardless who wins in the primary. it takes 2280 delegates to win a nomination. heading to south carolina primary. he was in new york last night where he appeared in the late show with stephen cobert. the company says it's goal is to bring people together. >> answer my question, okay.
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>> he missed one. >> what did we miss? >> we have to be americans before we're democrats and republicans to fix the problem. >> and he pressed the govern for on whether he would nominate a supreme court justice, if he were in president obama's case. kasich didn't quite answer. because the senate is not likely to confirm, any day the company chooses, the choice should fall to the next president. if there's an suv in your driveway, you may be getting a recall notice. the faulty part that has one carmaker issue a recall. >> before you hire someone to put on a new roof, take some advice to the troubleshooter. the roof is not the only one. >> and give me a big hug.
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>> hiring the wrong company to do work around your home or business could not only result in inferior work, could also cause damage to your property. local 12 says, he's getting number of complaints. >> and he received a dozen
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>> and i signed a contract for $1500 to replace the rubber roof roof. >> lucas bought everything himself. and they didn't show up for several days. >> the day they did show, and it was very cloudy and overcast. it rained heavily for two days. they never had any tarp. they never tried to remediate the situation. >> lucas said she called the owner of the company to complain, which prompted to quit the job. >> caused the ceiling itself to collapse, as you could see, causing a huge mess in here and
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>> we have a $30 thousand, remediation. >> and the roofer's liability insurance. he said he never verified. >> and yes, they will have today, starting. and, of course, they start early 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. when i got here, they ripped the roof off. when the owner only done it once or twice in their life. they don't know the ins and outs of their lives. this is a business. it's not that important. nobody is living here. if this were your house or our house, we will be in tears. >> and most of the roofing complaint i've received lately is about companies taking money up front and walking off the job. here's some good tips. when hiring any contractor to work around your home and business. get estimates from several different companies.
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business bureau, and calling the references, to see if they've been around for a while with a good tracking record. and finally, never pay if full until the job is done. howard aim, local 12, troubleshooter. >> if you have a problem for howard to investigate, e-mail him at hey howard, or you could mail him a letter at the station. the address 1906 highland avenue, 45219. up next, long distant solution. >> and erica says, wait until you see tomorrow.
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>> and war of words, between . >> dozens of hospital, get a price for mri for an adult. wide disparity for no apparent reason. sharon atkinson, will have information on brand-new reports on government waste.
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dollars paying for solar pou er wer beer, to buy packages of air, raise awareness about pollution and lots more goodies. >> >>. and mother of 11-year-old boy, a program in cincinnati, she found on facebook, will help change her son's life. because of it, he's been able to speak up in a whole new way. held again tomorrow, on fluency friday. here with the details, medical reporters, liz bonis. >> fluency friday, connects children, stutter. and specialists at cincinnati children's hospital. it's a one-day event that one family traveled, quite away, and they
5:46 pm
>> i spun a one; right? and that will be regular speech. we can say it, regular would be. >> >>. >> makes it sound simple. for much of his life, speaking was anything but simple. >> what you could do now. >> and therapy got started when marco's family made a trip last year and saw pictures in facebook from flunscy friday last year. it's a day long program, children and teens, all over the country, get together for support with stuttering. >> it is something that could be devastating to a child. and same kind of problems >> marco's mom lauren, reaches out to the team she saw in the pictures and got marco an
5:47 pm
stutter. >> it's like a responsibility as a parent. to make your kid the best you could be. >> only problem, marco couldn't. >> and he lives in the dominican republic. to continue the therapy, they needed to do something in a very unique way. they used telemedicine. >> and this is a picture of marco in his hometown, santo domingo. >> we're teaching him some skills to speak in a much more relaxed easier manner. >> sure enough, the first follow-up visit, mom could observe down the hall. she says the words that usually
5:48 pm
>> and he admits, practice makes perfect. >> and as for what all of us could do, if he starts to stutter at a word wroo. >> give me time. >> give me time. we often want to jump and finish the word. tomorrow's event is pretty full. we have a link, if you want to find out more about it. go to, click on the get it now links under the news tab. paula? >> good evening, to you. we are going to see a gorgeous evening. i expect the sunset to get prettier, as the sun sets around 6:18. we have -- take a live look at the top of the star 64 tower. and it's going to be a gorgeous evening. temperatures a little on the cool side. they are typical this time of year. we get milder tomorrow.
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we'll see the international space station for about four minutes, looking in the northwest sky and disappear in the southeast sky. it will be 70 degrees above the horizon. will post the information on the facebook, twitter pages. temperatures still in the 40s. 37 in wilmington. 41. work 43 from the airport. mid 40s for versailles. we're about 7 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. take a look to the south and west. we're 15 degrees warmer. that's the air we're kicking in for tomorrow afternoon. it will be 15 degrees warmer than we are today. we have winds out of the southeast direction, excuse me, around 12 miles an hour. they will soon turn out of the southwest direction. and that's what helps us get warmer for tomorrow afternoon. here's the wind speeds trend. it will be pretty windy throughout the afternoon and evening. even during the morning, looking
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by noon, winds will be 20-30 miles an hour. out of the southwest direction. gusts between 25-40 miles an hour, and even in the evening hours, 6:00. we're looking at winds between 12-18 miles an hour. definitely going to feel it, if you drive a high-profile vehicle in the afternoon and evening. we will see the winds die down for the beginning of the weekend. we will get warmer for saturday. we stay dry tonight. live precision doppler hd radar is quiet. we will have the dry to mid level clouds. we can see clearing taking place southwest of lovell. i expect the window of mostly evening. tonight, we'll call it partly cloudy. temperatures staying around 40 degrees. we'll stay steady, if not gradually. by 11:00, we can see there's already up to 41.
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we will see the temperatures stay a little steady, if not rising. we go to 40, later in the evening and to 44 by 7:00. we start off with more sunshine than we'll end up. we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day. windy throughout the afternoon and evening, especially. again, winds 20-30 miles an hour. 54 at noon. 59 at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. clouding up a bit. cold front moving through the area. i don't think will bring up any precipitation. and it looks like we all stay dry through the day on friday. saturday night, it will be even better. temperatures top out around 63 in the afternoon. breezy in the day and fall in the 50s, and saturday evening. and that day will be a wet day. we'll experience light rain showers. monday, upper 40s. tuesday, we'll be in the 40s. we'll have a chance of mixed bag precipitation, for early wednesday.
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chillier by next week. >> not thinking beyond. >> all right. >> they are back. baseball begins. pitchers and catchers report to spring training ahead at 6:00. the players wear their hearts in the street. >> big bang theory airs at 8:00.
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. >> you could see the newest cars. featuring some of the pricey red convertible jaguars. and you could see the cars with the newest safety features. there are even some that you could test drive. more than 4 hundred are on display at the duke energy center. the auto expo runs through sunday. and if you own a toyota suv, you may be getting a recall notice. nearly 3 million of the suvs are being recalled because the rear seat belts could fail. the affected vehicles are the toyota rav4, the rav4 ev or toyota vanguard. most were built between 2005 and 2015. toyota dealers will fix the problem for free.
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wandered away and off to the snow for four hours is safe at home. >> found by a man who happened to take a different route. hundreds of volunteers, searching, helicopter with flood light, hovered around the area. it was a man leaving the sister's house after 1:00, spotted her on the side of the road, sitting on the snow and rescuing her. >> she was crying when i got out of the car. she put her hands up, like she's happy to see me. i put her in the car and sitting in the car with her, waiting for police and she was just relaxing, calm in the car, because she knew she was safe. it was 22 degrees when she was discovered. police say the family and neighbors are fully cooperating. >> an eyewitness, captured video
5:57 pm
the cincinnati police chief, the video proves the officer's actions are justified. >> when asked about the zika virus, what he had to say about
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>> potentially disastrous >> eyewitness to a deadly police shooting begs a man in his knees
6:00 pm
the cell phone video shows paul gaston, to go before his pocket, before he was shot and killed by cincinnati police officers. investigators say it was an airo soft gun. >> before that, investigators called, to say he had a real gun. and seconds before the officers shot the 37-year-old. >> and the first call to 911 was to paul gaston's girlfriend. he showed up at the baby-sitters. >> 2868 dearham avenue. there's a man out there waving a gun and his kids is there. >> the girlfriend's sister actually had the children there. he was threatening her and the children. received. >> other 911 calls mentioned a gun, including one that came in


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